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All the Wrong Moves? Big Changes, But No New Security
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There has been big news in the cloud file service industry lately, as two big names in cloud storage made key announcements regarding their services. The problem is, neither of the updates they were promoting had anything to do with upgrades to security.

First, Dropbox announced additions to the Dropbox Platform, which the company hopes will extend the use of Dropbox as a personal cloud file system across every application and device in existence: desktop, smartphone, tablet, you name it. That’s fine…but will their customers’ data be secure on all these platforms? That remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, Box (a Dropbox competitor) made an announcement of its own. The CEO declared that the Box personal cloud service will integrate with, yet enterprise software solutions competitor that Box is integrating with in hopes of moving up the cloud file services food chain. Again, good for them – but what does it offer customers in terms of security?

It is great to make advancements on an industry-wide scale, but when the changes have nothing of value to offer the existing customer base, we find ourselves asking, “What’s the point?” Neither of the changes to Dropbox and Box is focused on security advancements, which would surely be welcome upgrades for their millions of users – users who are undoubtedly concerned about security.

On the other hand, drive2go offers the highest level of security encryption in the industry. When we make changes, we make sure those changes have some kind of security-driven value to offer our customers. If we pass on addition and integration opportunities, it’s because our number one priority is to offer a more secure cloud file service to our customers – and we don’t need to focus on anything else.