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Amazon’s Big News is our Old News!

So, what’s the latest in the world of cloud services? It turns out that Amazon, which offers its Amazon EC2 and RDS cloud services through its Amazon Web Services (AWS) brand, will now offer its customers granular control over their data. These Amazon cloud services will now support resource-level permissions, which is good for customers that need to move large amounts of computer and database workloads over to AWS (this is happening more and more these days).

Also, these new granular controls have some customization features that Amazon customers should appreciate. In order to give its customers finer grain control over their underlying resources, AWS is giving customers new features that allow them to define the permissions their users. Basically, different users can have different permissions on all the applications of the network. This ensures that only authenticated users see a company’s most classified data. Very cool!

Of course, our enthusiasm for the strides of our competitors begs the question: Why aren’t we afraid to talk about what Amazon is doing? Because as the best cloud file sharing service there is, we at drive2go are pleased to see that one of the biggest names in consumer technology has finally caught up to our advanced system of user permissions and controls!

We have utilized advanced user permissions and controls from our first day in business, and because we don’t have to worry about supporting an Amazonian infrastructure (pardon the pun), we are able to keep our fees far lower than the big brand cloud competitors. To our cloud file service, the fact that AWS is taking steps to get more secure only substantiates our existing business beliefs in our product. To learn more about the best cloud file sharing service available today, contact drive2go for a free 30-day trial.