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Situations That Online File Storage Will Save Unlike Hard Drive Back Up Systems
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For many years, people concentrated on making multiple files for back up in different hard drives with the hope of getting copies of the data when the hard drive develops a problem. This however is not a conclusive solution to the problem of data loss. The reason is very clear; it is not only through hard drive failure that you can lose data. There are many other things that can lead to complete loss of data that you should also safeguard against as you look for file storage solutions.


Besides the hard drive failure that was a common cause of data loss for many years, it is true that many other situations can lead to complete data loss in the absence of cloud file sharing solutions. Some examples include absolute loss of the entire server, an unprecedented operating system crash, external calamities to the server such as fires and floods and lastly; malicious damage to the system. If any of these things happen, you might not even have an opportunity to get the hard disk to look for back up files.


A Complete Damage to the Storage Server


If the server is completely damaged or even stolen, any files stored on the back ups you might have set up in the server will not help you in any way. This is because they will also go missing just as the original data storage hard drive that you backed-up in the first place. With this kind of situation, you need an external source that is completely independent of the main server. This is where cloud file sharing will make better sense.


Unexpected Operating System Crashes


Using the disk array systems to back up your data is only practical as long as the operating system on the server is in good condition. If the operating system completely crashes to the point that you cannot recover it, you will automatically lose any back up data you might have on other locations on the disk drives. With this kind of situation in mind, it is advisable to look for cloud file sync systems in good time before things get completely out of hand.


External Calamities Such As Fires or Flooding


When a fire breaks out in the sever room, you will mostly lose everything including the drives in the servers. Once you have drives that are no longer readable, you cannot even dream of retrieving any data because you cannot access the drives in the first place. It is for such situations that the designers of cloud sync systems must have had in mind. With data storage on a completely different location as the computers from which the users need to get the information, you do not have to worry about any kind of damage that may happen to the devices you use to access the data. If a fire or flood damaged your machine, you only need to get a new one to continue working on any files you had before the damage.